Supporting Whitlock’s ‘Tales of Delicious Demise’ NFT

In partnership with The Hunger Project Australia

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Good Empire is supporting F. Whitlock & Sons in celebrating the launch of their new range of products in Australia and New Zealand, with the auction of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) digital artwork, inspired by 'Whitlock’s Tales of Delicious Demise.'




To participate in this auction, you must bid with Ethereum (ETH). You can transfer funds from your bank account or credit card easily on an exchange such as CoinSpot or CoinJar.


To make a bid or payment with your ETH, you will need to transfer these funds into a digital wallet. To do so, install MetaMask as a Google Chrome extension and create an account.


Transfer ETH from your CoinSpot, or equivalent exchange platform, into your new digital wallet following their step-by-step instructions. Now head to our OpenSea and place a bid – you are ready to buy with ETH!

More about the partnership

The Hunger Project Australia

The Hunger Project Australia is a registered ​​not-for-profit and partner of Good Empire that works to sustainably end hunger in alignment with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2 of Zero Hunger. This is done by shifting the mindsets of women and men to transform them into leaders for the sustainable end to hunger.

All proceeds from the sale of the Whitlock’s Tales of Delicious Demise NFT will go to The Hunger Project Australia and support key programs that empower people with skills, knowledge and resources to lift themselves out of hunger.

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Struthless69 insta Artist

Creative partner


Bring more imagination, humour and creativity.

Cam Walker is an illustrator, animator, filmmaker, podcaster, and content creator, better known online as Struthless. He began his internet career posting cartoons online in 2016 and within a few years became one of Australia’s most talked-about content creators. He has since made content with Comedy Central, Spotify, Splendour in the Grass, Vice, Pedestrian TV, GQ, The Betoota Advocate, TEDs, Tinder, and Universal Music. He is also the co-founder of animation studio, Struthless Studios.

Some FAQs

What is an NFT?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are crypto assets which record ownership of a digital item such as an image, video or text, on blockchain and can be bought and sold using marketplaces that use cryptocurrencies.

While anyone can view or download the asset in question, only the buyer can claim the status of being its official owner.

Where will the money raised from the Whitlock’s NFT be going?

All proceeds from the sale of the Whitlock’s Tales of Delicious Demise NFT will go to The Hunger Project Australia.

Can anyone bid on our NFT?

Anyone can bid on the ‘Whitlock’s Tales of Delicious Demise’ NFT artwork as long as they have a digital wallet and have cryptocurrency to bid.

What happens to the original physical artwork?

F. Whitlock & Sons® remains the owner of the physical artwork that Cam Walker created to develop the NFT digital file. The buyer will have no right to the physical artwork or any digital or other reproduction of the artwork used to create the NFT.

What do you need to know as a bidder?

The highest bid will determine the owner at the end of the auction listing. The buyer will receive a NFT blockchain, that only they will have access to. Should the buyer wish to on-sell the Whitlock’s Tales of Delicious Demise NFT, they can do so, but all costs in relation to the re-sale are to be covered by the original buyer.

The NFT blockchain will be delivered by OpenSea upon transfer of final funds to the Whitlock’s Tales of Delicious Demise NFT listing.

There will be no ancillary costs to the highest bidder and buyer of the ‘Whitlock’s Tales of Delicious Demise’ NFT digital blockchain file.

However, any activities following the completion of the auction, including the re-production of the file in any way or artwork augmentation, will be at the expense of the buyer.

The buyer will have no right to the physical artwork or any digital or other reproduction of the artwork used to create the NFT.

The NFT buyer does not/will not own any rights to F. Whitlock & Sons licensing which includes the brand, brand products and brand product label designs.

OpenSea is responsible for running the NFT auction and bidders must obey by Opensea auction rules; F. Whitlock’s does not accept any liability from the auction.

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