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Before we get into how you can help, we firstly want to send our love to the people of Ukraine, and everyone suffering on account of this awful tragedy, including the people of Russia who don’t want this. 

We, like so many, absolutely condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, war cannot be the answer. We hope this devastating situation can be de-escalated as quickly as possible, and that all involved seek peace. 

Good Empire is rooted in compassion for people and planet, and built on taking responsibility. We are gathering and uniting a community of people to show up for humanity, pull together, and give support to those in need. 

Right now, the people working on the ground to help combat the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine need our support to help the victims of war. 

More than 1 million people have fled Ukraine seeking safety in surrounding countries, half a million of these are children. 

An estimated 4 million people are expected to be displaced as the conflict continues. 

This horrendous situation demands urgent action from all of us.

To make it as easy as possible for you to help, we’ve compiled a list of 6 organizations who are looking for donations to support the people affected by the invasion of Ukraine.


UNICEF teams are working day, and night to scale up support for families. The Ukraine Emergency Appeals is ramping up its efforts to deliver aid, and provide survival supplies across the country.

Hungarian Helsinki Committee

Are a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), watchdog who provide free legal advice, and representation to people seeking asylum.

The Kyiv Independent

A trusted independent media outlet providing accurate news coming from Ukraine, created on the principles of independent journalism and free-press. 

Doctors without Borders

Responding to the humanitarian needs of people crossing borders into Ukraines neighbouring countries, with teams also operating in Belarus, and Russia. Ensuring people have access to healthcare and medicines.

Fundacja Ocalenie

Support people, especially people facing racism, and discrimination when crossing the Polish-Belarusian border safely. This is particularly experienced by people of African and Indian backgrounds. 

Urgent Response Fund

Support people who identify as women, non – binary and trans activists who are working on the ground in the Ukraine. They provide assistance with emergency relocation, medical, legal, and financial aid. 

Polish Migration Forum

This Polish organization is offering a free crisis hotline providing psychological first aid to assist people who are being affected by the Ukrainian crisis, including asylum seekers, and relatives of people living in Ukraine.

All these organisations have more information on their websites. Take the time to share this with your family, friends, workmates and beyond. Refugee Fund is funding short term housing for up to 100,000 people fleeing Ukraine. You can help by offering temporary stays for free or at a discount through, or donating to fund stays.

Ukraine getting aid from NFTs

NFTs have also been generating funds rapidly, with incredible traction exceeding $52 million, and counting. Check out some of the ways in which you can contribute in this space. 

Also, a big thank you to the Obama Foundation for sharing their suggestions of support organisations. Check out the The Kyiv Independent for on the ground news from Ukraine. 

Let’s stand in solidarity with Ukraine, and contribute whatever means we can.

This is where it counts, in action.

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