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Today, we intended to tell you with great excitement about our latest Patch Release 2 – it’s a big one, and the dev team have been working hard to get it live.

But more importantly, we’d like to talk about the devastating typhoon that hit the Philippines last week.

As you many know, we’ve been working with our app dev partners Appetiser, and through them, a team of six app developers based in the Philippines. 

Russel, Ver, Jules, CJ, Vaughn and Alvin. 

They’ve worked hand in hand with Nick our CTO and our newer developers Dinny and Sushant to bring this app to life.

They’ve all been impacted by the typhoon. Sadly, Alvin lost his home. 

And of course so many lives have been lost. 

We didn’t want to wait to put a challenge together, so we’ve donated directly to the Appetiser team members.

If you’d like to show your support, there are a few aid organisations at work on the ground there. It’s big work, and they’ll all need all the support they can get.

Our hearts are open to you all.



  • Comments in app are now a thing! Yay, so go ahead and start commenting and encouraging each other. 
  • The main navigation is updated to our new branding, we know, way cooler! (Thanks SantosDilone)
  • We’ve had some font updates to new branding
  • The feed is new and improved with new branding
  • You can now double tap on a video in the feed and add a comment
  • You can also tap the feed once to mute
  • We’ve added a vignette to actions in the feed


  • We’ve sorted the order of actions and where they appear in the challenge view. 
  • We’ve fixed some grammar stuff, whoopsie but yay it’s fixt now, kidding! Fixed.
  • We’ve also updated and fixed the order and availability of challenges based on the correct dates and times


  • The big one, sound! We know the sound hasn’t been working if your phone’s on silent and let’s face it, most of us keep our phones on silent because who needs constant ping, pong, pang sounds happening. Anyway, you won’t need to switcheroo that little lefthand side sound thing anymore, just turn your volume up normally and that’s it! 
  • We will also correctly alert you to camera and mic permissions when you go to record an action.
  • We had a little display issue with the goals if they’re exceeded, this is now updated.


You might have heard but we’ve also launched a number of our Pilot Program organisation challenges. If you’re a Catalyst in the app you won’t be able to see those challenges because they’re private. We’ve done some updates to the orgs experience too, so if you are part of the pilot you’ll notice some new things in there. YAY! 

  • There’s now a filter added in to the feed section so you can filter between challenges in your organisation and our open challenges
  • We also now show the organisation icon and name when a person action was part of the organisation challenge.

As always, there’s LOADS more we are working on as well.

So what’s up next? What does 2022 have in store for us all?

We’ve mentioned them before but hot damn, SantosDilone, our design team out of New York are incredible. Here’s what they’ve been working on just quietly (screaming loudly)…

This is a tiny little sneak preview into what’s coming for our challenges section in the app, there’s loads more good stuff too but this is just something to wet the whistle with.

Thanks again, Good People, for being here with us.

We appreciate everyone that’s reached out, given us feedback, taken action, persevered when things have been a little buggy!


Now go do good things.

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