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So our development team have been so hard at work over the past week and a half, finding, logging, triaging and fixing more than 50 bugs & tickets over iOS and Android.

Many thanks to all our early user Catalysts for battle testing our first build, finding and reporting bugs (and putting up with them until now).

It’s a work in progress, but there has been lots of progress! Here are some of the things we’ve fixed in this first patch:

Removed the blocker from signing up if you aren’t a Catalyst – was just causing too many problems for too many people, with mobile number formatting, etc. So you can now sign up or sign in directly in the app.

  • Fixed the order of actions in user profile grid so they display from newest to oldest
  • Fixed the date of action when looking from profile screen
  • Removed the “for you” challenges tab, for now – all current challenges are in “live” section
  • You now land in the list of challenges, rather than the feed, the first time you sign in
  • Various copy, grammar and typo fixs
  • Just joking, we know it’s “fixes” ^
  • Updated the loading images in the feed
  • Fixed pulldown to refresh the feed
  • Fixed issue where some people had to go through sign in multiple times
  • Removed the ⅁ button from the feed, it was a bit random
  • Added more explanations for reporting an action
  • Added the action description below the challenge title on the challenge list
  • Fixed an issue with multiple videos playing at once in some scenarios
  • Enabled tap to pause on action replays
  • Removeed the scroll bar from feed, now you can go down the rabbit hole and have no idea where you are
  • Updated the app screenshot images in the quick tutorial during sign up
  • Hid action and challenge information during recording
  • Fixed mobile confirmation SMS issues some people were experiencing
  • Fixed some posts in the feed showing 90% of screen height
  • Added an email field to the signup flow
  • Fixed the display of the challenge list in my profile
  • Correctly disabled the camera when leaving action record
  • Disabled auto-orientation detection of landscape videos
  • Fixed issue where captions were breaking the feed
  • Fixed feed video aspect ratio issues for some humans
  • Made some small design changes

Two other issues that we will fix during this next sprint are:

  • iOS volume buttons not working correctly
  • Action grid on challenge pages not sorting correctly

We’ve still got lots of other bugs left in the pipeline, but we’re balancing these with new features so you’ll see lots of exciting things coming up!

So what’s up next?

We’ve been working with our amazing design partners over the past few months, they have completely redesigned the app and holy sh⅁t we can’t wait for you to see it. Here’s a birds eye view of what’s to come.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be working on section by section to bring these designs to life, while adding various improvements and fixing bugs along the way.

Right now we’re working on comments, so you can start to interact with peoples’ posts, which we’re super excited about. Hoping that will be ready early December.

Stay tuned!

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