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Now you’ve had some impact, maybe you’ve reached your first challenge goal (or you’re close to it), and you have some amazing content to show of your team in action – it’s time to engage your customers and community and invite them to join your challenge.

Step 14: Share the challenge with your customers

Send it out to your email database, post about it across your socials. Hell – put an ad out there if you want to!

You can obviously word it however you like, especially if you’v already had a team experience, you may want to really personalise it.

But here’s an example of what you might say.

“We’re proud and excited for (our company) to be part of the Good Empire Zero Ocean Plastics Challenge, to help save 1 million ocean plastics this summer. Together as a team we got started, and together we’ve saved XXX ocean-bound plastics so far. Now we’d like to invite you, our (company) community, to help us reach our goal to save XXX ocean plastics. To come together to help clean up our beaches, waterways, parks, stormwater drains and gutters, and save our oceans and marine life.

You can join in wherever you are, whenever you like, just by downloading the Good Empire app and clicking on this invite link (include your Challenge Invite Deeplink).”

Maybe you want to offer a prize or reward to anyone who participates, or maybe to the people who pick up the most plastics. We can help you with leaderboards if you like.

And check out the Zero Ocean Plastics Challenge Hub for design assets, social tiles and a few other handy bits and bobs to help you communicate about the challenge.

Step 15: Set up some community events

Just like with your team, you might want to host some events at beaches, parks, waterways, and invite your community to come along.

Or maybe you want to keep it remote, but set a date or a week to keep it focused.

Step 16: Prime your community in the countdown

Communicate as much as you can in the leadup. You should have some great content to excite and inspire people, use it!

You can use this “how to” guide for individuals to get ready in the app:

  1. Download the Good Empire app on your phone and create an account. Here’s the link in the App Store and Google Play Store.
  2. Click this Invite link to join our company challenge. (include your custom Challenge Invite Deeplink)
  3. Bring a reusable or compostable bag and gloves (or we’ll provide them for you)
  4. Join us, wherever you are, at (time, date, location/s) and pick up all the plastics you can find
  5. Lay out and count your haul
  6. Click on our challenge in the ACT tab in the app and press the “Take Action” button
  7. Film your haul, and maybe film yourself talking through what you found, how you feel, what’s recyclable – get creative!
  8. Add a caption and log your tally
  9. Submit your post, and share it if you like, to inspire others.

Step 17: Community to take action

Time for your community to take action!

Step 18: Celebrate and share your impact

This is good stuff to communicate. If 10 people or 10,000 joined you – that’s a beautiful connection. Validate and celebrate your action together, and the impact you’ve had.

If you hit your challenge goal – amazing! Screenshot it in the app and share it with your community.

You might want to create a new Challenge Highlights Video with the best community posts. What an amazing thing to show and celebrate your customers/community in action, having impact!

You might want to get your CEO/founder on video, sharing your progress and thanking everyone.

Up to you. Feel free to reach out and we’re happy to brainstorm with you.

From here – it’s over to you! Keep going, have more impact.

Share it with us, and we’ll celebrate your impact with the whole Good Empire community.

We’ll be running leaderboards ourselves, celebrating milestones. If you have an amazing post you think is worth sharing, tell us and we’ll share it!

We don’t have all the answers yet, we’ll be growing and evolving this challenge as we go, together.

Be ⅁ood!

Got a question? We’re here to help.

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