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It’s hard to keep up with everything that’s going on in the world. Depending on what news source you tune into it’s filled with the varying atrocities from near or far. Either way when we all decided to join the Good Empire community we made a commitment to showing up for humanity. 

It means we care enough about people, and planet, and collectively have decided to take responsibility for eachother no matter where in the world we’re situated. 

We’ve said yes to contributing as much as we can when different corners of the world call out for help. 

That’s the essence of what we stand for at Good Empire, not just the team, but all of us as a community of Good People.

Devastating flooding have taken place in Queensland, and now NSW over the last few weeks. It’s not a new phenomenon in these areas, but the wreckage continues to surge with thousands of people being displaced. 

Intense storms, and multi- day heavy rainfall have occurred across Queensland, and Northern NSW causing a major inability to maintain normal daily life. Tens of thousands of homes, businesses, and welfare services are without power. People have been ordered to evacuate not knowing when they can return home, or ultimately if they can. 

Our hearts go out to all those affected by the devastating floods. Personally, I can only imagine the perpetuating distress this is causing. We are hoping by lighting our GE torch that we can all rally around, and assist the amazing organisations that are on the frontline. 

Flood affected communities need urgent relief, and humanitarian support.

We’ve put together a list of organisations to make donations to. 

Every Little Helps

  1. Australian Red Cross 

Donations to the Queensland and NSW Floods Appeal will help the Red Cross to provide vital humanitarian support to the people and communities affected by the floods.

  1. GVIT 

A not for profit organisation who have partnered with the Queensland government to assist flood affected families with a variety of needs from food to fuel. 

  1. Vinnies Flood Appeal 

As always Vinnies is supplying the necessary basic means for survival. Food, clothes, and support for recovery. 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Appeals

In addition to all of this when it comes to Australian crises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander committees are over represented, and under resourced. Most of the effects are experienced by the children, and young people of these communities as these make up half of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population. 

Below are two Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander appeals you can contribute to: 

  1. Bundjalung Community Flood Relief 

Organised by Koori Mail who is completely owned by five Bundjalung Aboriginal community organisations. 

  1. Support Widjabul Wia-bal Jugan

This fund supports local Aboriginal families in Lismore – NSW.  Both funding basic necessities – food, temporary accommodation, medical supplies, and access to clean drinking water. 

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