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When thinking about what Good Empire is, it becomes clear that we are more than a call to action. Sure, a movement, yes, but also a revolution. What we hope to do is hold up a mirror to the world in a way which isn’t often granted by mainstream media or institutions, and empower people in doing so. 

This desire to communicate the vision of a brighter future brings us to our partnering with New York based design team SantosDilone. Their deeply interrogative mindset, backed with years of industry practice, helped elevate the Good Empire brand identity into something innovative and groundbreaking. A construction of icons, fonts, colours and shapes have come together to create a new brand identity for the broader community to welcome. It’s one that isn’t constricted by time or borders, with room to grow and rise. Visually, it’s honed in on what it means to be empowered and empower others – both in the mundane and also in the face of global crises’ and climate catastrophe. 

From this, the idea of the revolving ‘G’ was born… it began to encapsulate our revolution.

Our G is mobile in a unique way, in that it rotates counter-clockwise, in harmony with the Earth’s natural movement, and in defiance of rigid social norms and rhythms. The G, well, stands for Good… but what makes it special is it’s movement, and how it emulates ours. The G rotates on an axis, much like the Earth twirls with gravity’s pull toward the Sun. Similarly, we in the Good Empire community revolve around each other; in alignment with our impact goals and with arms open, dedicated to urgent change. 

In taking up a challenge, sharing the passion for our Earth and its people, and coming together to be better, we know that our common goal is to gather, to move away from stagnancy and to unite while doing so. We empower one another to act now, with the need for inevitable impact in mind. The world will continue to spin, so long as we spin with it.


This idea of revolution is one which embraces the need for change and growth. What would the world look like if things remained the same? What will happen if the status quo is unchallenged? If hopelessness is solidified as the norm? What it means to revolve together, is to grow together. It’s to imagine the trajectory of the world if we don’t stand up, and to actively reject that reality. It is to be empowered to take part and make an impact where it matters most, not alone, but as part of a global community of people who also care. The Good Empire which we envision is seeded in the hope that enough of us are ready to evolve and move towards revolutionary change and that we can all do so together. Not in idleness, but as active participants. 

So, we are ready to evolve with this new entity and vision. As we step into this new chapter of the Good Empire journey, we extend an arm and invite you all to join us and unite, to help save the f**king world. Will you stand with us?

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