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Hey Good People, 

International Women’s Day is approaching, with only 1 week to go!

MARCH 8TH 2022

This is a day when globally we show solidarity for women’s equality.  

It’s about coming together to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness around biases, stamp out stereotypes, and stand up for equity across the gender spectrum.

From your home, your neighbourhood, place of work, community groups, school, university, healthcare services, and beyond. 

What ingrained gender biases, stereotypes, and discriminatory thinking, and behaviour come up for you? What makes you think, oh no women don’t do this, or men don’t do this? Do you ever even consider what gender non-conforming folks “should” or “shouldn’t” do based on these norms we’ve created. 

Some of us may not have to trawl the trenches of all this ourselves, but to some degree we most definitely have – do, and we may know people who are confronted on the daily with all these restrictions. Self liberated, or societally restrained the experiences vary immensely, but all are worth sharing. 

All of our stories matter.

Look around your life, and your community.

We need to elevate people identifying as women in our community, support each other’s growth, and have each other’s backs. Especially, women of colour, women with diverse needs,and experiences, women from refugee backgrounds. All our women who live on the margins of society. 


This is why joining forces with One Girl for IWD made sense. They advocate, and support equitable education for young women, and girls. 

With this challenge we’re focussing on their Girls Emerge Uganda program that supports young women with the opportunity to learn critical skills, through targeted vocational training in safe, girl-friendly spaces, supporting them to find valuable and sustainable work within their communities. 

It cost $150 to support 1 girl for 1 year of their vocational training. 

Our Breaking the Bias challenge goal is to support 10 girls for 1 year of their vocational training = $1,500 

This means at $5 per donation we need 300 people to take part

This is so achievable for us as a community! Share this with people in your circle, and work your way out. 

The Breaking the Bias challenge is for everyone. 


Because it affects all of us. Differently, of course, but nonetheless we all need to be part of promoting gender equity. 

Tell me the how?

  1. In the app share with us, something you do, something you’ve done or something you’ve witnessed that breaks the gender bias. 
  2. Capture a moment where you’ve stood up in the face of gender bias or share with us an experience where you’ve seen gender bias defied.
  3. Maybe you’re a woman in construction. Maybe you’re a male nurse. Maybe you’re a gender non-conforming political leader. Maybe you like to wear clothes that are typically not seen as “for you.” Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever action you’re taking, let’s break the bias, together! 
  4. Of course the next step is to make your $5 donation. 

Together, let’s show the world that we can come together, and make a difference. (Cliché but true!) 

7 days to go!


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