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It’s a good day today. A day where we can say we’ve been recognised as part of a community of businesses globally doing good work, aligned in one mission to make the world a more sustainable and equitable place.

Becoming a BCorp felt like a really important step for us as a team and organisation. It’s not just about saying what you’ll do for the world, it’s much more about your actions. Every single action, every single decision that’s made and how it affects both people and planet.

The process was no joke. We spent about a year answering 192 different questions and also needing to show evidence to support the claims we made for each question. To become a BCorp, you need to have scored a minimum of 80 points across 5 areas of the business.

I’m really proud to say we scored 99.7. I know what you’re thinking, faaaarrrrkkkkk, just 0.3 points off 100. I know, it pains me. But, it’s actually a really good score and it means that we’re doing pretty well in terms of taking actions aligned with our values, mission and vision which are also aligned with the whole BCorp community.

You know by now that our vision is a big one.

We’re gathering, uniting and empowering 100 million individuals and organisations to help save the f**king world.

In the hands of an individual, Good Empire is sort of a social app for good that challenges us to level up for people and planet, built around 8 core drives of human motivation.

Users set impact goals aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, take action in global challenges connected with the most important impact projects around the world, and track and share their progress in real impact measures, not just contributions.

Very soon, for every action and donation you make, you’ll earn “⅁ coin”, a new crypto token built on an existing blockchain for the Good Empire community, which can then be spent in the real world through a global network of ethically and sustainably aligned goods and services.

So you could pay your renewable energy bill with ⅁ coin, or a third of your Tesla.

We have the potential to create an impact economy where the good you do for people and planet has currency, has real value in the world.

Imagine if supporting and donating to important causes actually cost you nothing in the end, and could in fact earn you something?

We think it could be game changing. 

But actually it’s organisations that are the life blood of Good Empire.

We’re building the next generation of Impact Engagement SaaS – a powerful software platform to help organisations set their impact goals across the SDGs, track and measure in real impact metrics, and properly engage their teams, customers and community to amplify their social and environmental impact.

Large enterprises, small businesses, schools, clubs, govt orgs, non profits – can all harness the Good Empire platform to engage their people and level up their impact. And users – employees, students, customers, everyone – use the app in the same way as the rest of the community, with access also to their organisation’s goals and challenges. 

Check out some of our Pilot Partners challenges

We have some pretty audacious goals as an organisation, aligned with the UN SDGs. Here are our goals for 2030.

  • G1: No Poverty – Help 1 million people rise above the poverty line
  • G2: Zero Hunger – End hunger for 1 million people
  • G3: Wellbeing – Improve wellbeing for 1 million people
  • G4: Education – Give 1 million children access to quality education
  • G5: Gender Equality – Empower 1 million women and girls
  • G6: Clean Water – Provide access to clean water & sanitation for 1 million people
  • G7: Clean Energy – Provide access to clean, affordable energy for 1 million people
  • G8: Fair work – Help 1 million people find fair work employment
  • G9: Innovation – Provide access to internet + technology for 1 million people
  • G10: Equality & Opportunity – Empower 1 million people in marginalised communities
  • G11: Sustainable Cities – Help 1 million people experiencing homelessness
  • G12: Responsible Consumption – Reduce meat consumption by 1 billion meals
  • G13: Climate Action – Reduce CO2 emissions by 1 billion tonnes
  • G14: Clean Oceans – Save 1 billion bits of plastic from our oceans
  • G15: Reforestation – Plant 1 billion trees
  • G16: Peace & Justice – Free 1 million women and children from violence
  • G17: Community – 1 billion acts of local community service

Join us.

If not you, then who?

If not now, then when?

Download the app on Google or Apple stores now.

So there you have it, now we get to proudly wear this BCorp badge. We get to connect with 4000 other organisations who believe what we believe and together, we get to change the world, one act at a time.

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