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At Good Empire, we’re gathering, uniting and empowering 100 million people to help save the f**king world.

With our “social app for good that challenges us to level up for people and planet”, users can take action in global challenges connected with the most important impact projects around the world, across each of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

For corporates, schools, govts and non profits, we’re building a next generation impact engagement platform to help organisations set their impact goals, track and measure in actual impact, and properly engage their teams, customers and community to amplify their social and environmental impact.

Very soon, for every action and donation you make, you’ll earn ⅁ coin, a new crypto token for the Good Empire community, which can then be spent in the real world through a global network of ethically and sustainably aligned goods and services.

We have the potential to create an impact economy, where the good you do for people and planet has currency, has real value in the world.

Imagine if supporting and donating to the causes you care about actually cost you nothing in the end, and could in fact earn you something?

We think it could be game changing.

It’s a big vision, one we hope will not only have significant impact at scale across the UN SDGs by 2030, but will change the very way people and organisations think about impact, and the responsibility we all share to heal the planet and to help those with less privilege and opportunity than we.

But we can’t do it alone.

We’re launching our Good Empire Ambassador Alliance to gather, unite and empower an alliance of good humans to help lead the way.

Now, it’s great if you’re Greta Thunberg or David Attenborough or Billie Eilish. Talk to us.

But also if you’re a champion in your own community – a passionate advocate for equality or climate action, ocean plastics or reducing meat consumption – we need grassroots leaders too, growing this movement one good human at a time.

What does it mean to be a Good Empire ambassador?

  • To be absolutely aligned with one or some of our 17 Impact Goals and the UN SDGs
  • To take responsibility – you’re putting your hand up to help lead this movement
  • To gather, unite and empower your community and networks to take action
  • To be accountable for personal and community impact targets
  • To be part of a group of leaders around the world within a growing community

What do we ask our ambassadors to do?

  • To add your name and your voice to our mission  
  • To lead and represent challenges aligned with your purpose and values
  • To take action and inspire others to do the same
  • To engage your communities and networks
  • To work with us to set and deliver on impact targets for your communities

What do we offer in return?

  • Your bio and photo on our Ambassador Alliance page on the website
  • Official Ambassador accreditation on your profile in the Good Empire app
  • Official Good Empire Ambassador accreditation for your own profiles and channels
  • We will celebrate you and your community with our Good Empire global community
  • We will support your own aligned projects and impact goals
  • We will share your impact and your content through our Good Empire channels
  • We will work closely with you on our impact goals and strategy
  • We will connect you with other aligned Good Empire Ambassadors
  • We will Invite you to our private ambassador Discord
  • We will Invite you to local ambassador gatherings
  • We will reach out to you for relevant PR opportunities

If you’d like to become a Good Empire ambassador and help us save the f**king world together, apply here

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