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It’s time for us to share with you a new Patch Release, that’s right you heard it here first. Patch #3. (We really wanted to say; alright patch, collaborate and listen but it didn’t quite fit in so here it is… lol)



  • You can now mute & unmute videos using the silent switch, volume buttons or on-screen buttons. Yay for good sound options.
  • We have started making improvements to the challenges functionality. Not all the changes are quite ready to share with the world. As part of this release, you can have a sneak peek of the new designs in the ‘Act’ tab.
  • Lots of other small under the hood changes that will make it easier for us to give you all the best app experience possible. This means basically some backend stuff, some speed stuff, you know all the good things that go unseen but can often be felt.
  • We also cleaned up some issues with the comments functionality in Android.


  • Some of you, iOS users may have found a ‘kitchen sink’ easter egg while onboarding. This was totally intentional, anyway, it’s gone now (sarcastic rolling eye emoji).


  • We noticed the organisation filters on the feeds were a bit buggy so we debugged them. Bye feed buggies.

We’ve just launched a bit of a new process internally too, we’ll be aiming to release something to you every two weeks in line with our team sprint process. You should start seeing lots more small changes regularly.

You’ll see your challenge list come to life in an even more exciting way in the next couple of weeks!

Thanks so much for being part of this Good Empire.

Be Good.

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