Our Story

Hi. I’m André Eikmeier, founder of Good Empire. 

I spent the last 12 years building a startup from my garage into a pretty big and successful global business, employing teams across the world and turning over hundreds of millions of dollars.

In 2018, I left the company because I didn’t want to just keep complaining at dinner parties about the state of the world, the planet.

I wanted to be able to say to my kids that I tried - I did something to try to help turn things around before it was too late, before we f**ked it all up.

I thought surely someone has a vision, a strategy for how to fix the world, and I looked more closely at the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and beyond, and I thought well good, that’s a good, comprehensive strategy. That would be good for the world. How can I help?

I also realised that there were plenty of people and organisations in the world who also cared, but just weren’t doing much about it. 

So I started gathering a team of fiercely passionate and aligned people and we set out to solve a very specific problem:

How do we get the millions of people and organisations who care about people and planet, to act?

Not through signing petitions or making donations – there’s plenty of that already in the world and that’s great - but through direct actions that have measurable impact.

Actions that help reduce carbon emissions and plastic ocean waste, help people out of hunger and poverty, empower women and girls, create equality and opportunity for all.

Well, after two years of learning and trialing a bunch of things, we have a solution, and we’ve started building…

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